3 Remodeling Ideas That Pay Off In Eden Prairie

In Real Estate on August 20, 2013 by Community Expert Team
3 Remodeling Ideas That Pay Off In Eden Prairie

When you are getting ready to sell your home there is always the challenge of trying to determine what repairs, remodels and add-ons will pay off the best. If you are about to sell your home and a certain upgrade will only give you a 50% return on your money spent, it is obviously not worth it. You need to know what is going to pay off and what isn’t when selling your home.


This is where an experienced Eden Prairie Realtor can be valuable to the process. They should be able to help guide you on what home repairs pay off the most when selling your home.


3 Remodeling Ideas That Pay Off In Eden Prairie


Repair Anything That Needs Repairing

Repairing existing structures always pays off better than adding in new items into your home. Buyers don’t want to be hassled with having to repair everything in your home after moving in and if you don’t tell them that a roof leaks or something is found in inspection, it may end up costing you more that just repairing in the first place.

Remodel Existing Rooms Instead Of Adding On

Today home buyers are more interested in spaces that really work, like large eat in kitchens. Having a formal living room and an informal one, does not pay off like it used to and buyers often times see this as wasted space. Look at the rooms you have and determine how they could be improved with minimal investment.

Environmentally Friendly Upgrades Pay Off Now and Later

Environmentally friendly upgrades are usually a great investment. Not only will they help your home sell, but they can save you money while you still live in the home. Energy efficient furnaces, washers, dryers and so on are best to upgrade when needed. If your current appliances are in good shape and you plan on moving soon, avoid this upgrade.

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