3 Useful Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your EP New Home Has a Fresh Start

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3 Useful Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your EP New Home Has a Fresh Start

A new home usually means a new start, but make sure that it is a fresh start, too. Consider these simple steps to ensure that the old owners are truly out of the house. Even though you found the Eden Prairie home of your dreams, there might be a few leftover smells or pet hair from previous humans and animals. Although the the leftovers may not be noticeable, or you believe they were already eliminated, take these measures to ensure your new home is your home now:


Step One: Make those Windows Shine.

Use a tiny amount of dish soap and a moist sponge to clean; no need for a chemical window cleaner this time around! Then, proceed with a squeegee to make sure all of the excess solution is gone. Finally, wipe remaining drips with a damp chamois, which soaks up wetness leaving no streaks.


Step Two: Get Down and Dirty.

Cleaning carpets may seem like a daunting task after you went through all of the work of leaving your last home, but you will really want to redo this job. The previous home owners might have already done this, but you want to make sure! Rent a high-vacuum power steamer, using a cleaning solution with a pH of 10 or less. Fan dry (a dehumidifier will work fine) to get the furniture moved in faster.


Step Three: Focus on the Fridge.

Take a mild soap and wipe the whole interior before you unload the groceries for the first time! To also make sure you are saving on the energy bill, dust off the condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment.


Of course, there is an endless list of things to do before moving into your new Eden Prairie home. These are just a few tips on making sure you’re getting the fresh, new beginning you deserve! To view a list of homes for sale in this area or to learn more from a Certified Community Expert visit our website at: www.communityexpert.com/EdenPrairie.



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