Building A Treehouse In Eden Prairie

In Community News on July 26, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Building A Treehouse In Eden Prairie

If you are anything like me, you have probably found yourself frustrated with your local city government a time or two. Maybe it’s because you got a ticket for something silly, you don’t agree with a new policy or whatever.


Sometimes we fail to remember that our city officials, law enforcement and so on are pretty amazing people as well if we just take the time to see them as such.


Take for example Kevin Schmeig for the city of Eden Prairie. He recently received a letter from two local builders inquiring about constructing a new facility on their property.



Ok, the two builders are actually in the business of playing, want to build on their parent’s property and oh, they are ages 8 & 9. That is a pretty fantastic letter that I am sure is in stark contrast to whatMr. Schmeig typically has to deal with on a daily basis


Rather than just ignore this letter or even give them a simple response, Mr. Schmeig put together a fantastic response that was sure to make the boys day when they received it.


I love the official city letterhead along with a serious response to the boys. You can tell that Mr. Schmeig wanted to make sure the boys had fun while staying within city guidelines.


This is a great example of someone who truly does now how to do his job well.



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