Finding The Right Fire For Your Back Yard

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Finding The Right Fire For Your Back Yard

When you are entertaining in your back yard or even just enjoying a nice fall or spring evening, having a crackling fire going in the background adds more than just heat. A fire can create an ambience and glow that set the mood and really help you relax.


There are so many options when deciding what type of fire to add in to your back yard. Here are a few of your options to help you out.


Finding The Right Fire For Your Back Yard


Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are perfect for new home owners or for owners who don;t plan on having a fire all that often. They can be moved to any area of the yard where you are having your gathering, they are inexpensive and can be stored in the garage when not being used. Some portable fire pits will even have gas hookups to make your fire and even easier experience.


Chimineas are very similar to portable fire pits with a few differences that put them into a class of their own. Chimineas are portable and often times not horribly expensive, but they are made to have smaller fires. You can put a chiminea on your porch or deck and not worry about it getting out of control. Chimineas also only give heat and glow off in one direction, so they are not the best for large gatherings around a fire, the are perfect for a nice glow in the corner of your deck.

Built In Fire Places

Built in fire places can be the highlight of a back yard. You have so many options, but it is also a big commitment. A built in fire place is going to take up space and possibly cost a good bit of money. With a built in you can create a wood burning fire place, install a gas fireplace, make it big or small. The sky is the limit on a built in.

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