Personalizing Your New Eden Prairie Home

In Real Estate on October 15, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Personalizing Your New Eden Prairie Home

Now that you have bought your dream home, your pumped to move in and make it your own. You may be temped to grab some paint and get going from day one. But if you don’t plan your project accordingly you may end up with a hosh posh of fun colors, furniture and decorations that don’t quite fit together. Here are a few tips to get you started down the right path when decorating your new home.


Make A Plan

Start with a note pad, a folder and a computer. You may already know what you like, but take some time and look at what other people have done. You will be able to find tons of design blogs and home photos online that are ready to inspire you. Rather than guessing what colors will look like together, find others who have already used them and found success. Take notes, print pictures and make a plan.

Next, Move On To Painting

If you ever plan on painting the inside of your new home, doing this right away before you move all of you stuff in is a great idea. This will give you (or your painting contractor) less obstacles to work around and make the job much easier.

Also, ago ahead and try samples from the paint store. Most samples will cost you $3-$5 and be well worth it. You may think you love a color, until you see it on your walls.

Bring In The Furniture (Or Go Shopping!)

This is most people’s favorite part, bringing in the furniture. There are so many options, maybe you already love your old furniture, but if you are ready for something new for your new home, now is the time. From new furniture stores, to thrift shops and re-use stores, you can find almost anything you want. Consider looking at some unique reuse and refinishing shops if you want something truly unique.

Finish The Space With Rugs and Accessories

A rug can add so much to a room. From the different shapes, materials and colors you have an amazing amount of options. Then finish off the room with some art, end tables and accessories for the perfect room that screams You!

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