Set Realistic Goals for Your New Year’s Resolution

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Set Realistic Goals for Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year, which usually means you make resolutions to better yourself and your life. According to a study done by the University of Scranton, only eight percent of Americans actually follow through with their resolutions. You can achieve your objectives, whether it be losing those extra holiday pounds or buying a new home in Eden Prairie, by following these tips:



Let’s be realistic – a majority of us confuse fantasy with reality, leading to unrealistic goal setting. Be specific with yourself. If you have kids and a busy job, don’t stress yourself out with trying to lose weight too fast. For example, set your goal to making it to the gym twice a week instead of four.



Make a set schedule – if you keep track of your goals, they will be easier to achieve. Have a planner and a calender to write things down. Even though you might rely on your technology for most of your meetings, make a commitment to start keeping track with a pen.



Remember to reward yourself – set achievable goals for your resolutions. For example, put aside a hundred dollars each week for that dream home, or perhaps lose two pounds a week. After you have achieved a few of your milestones, reward yourself with a new purse or a new fishing lure.



Stick it out – chances are you are going to get distracted. Make yourself accountable when you miss a workout or forget to save money. You can get a friend or significant other to help you make a commitment contract that you sign. This will motivate you to stay focused on achieving your resolutions.



New year, new you! Is this the year you are going to find that perfect new home in Eden Prairie? Your Certified Community Experts are ready to help.

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