The Eden Prairie Art Center

In Blog on July 13, 2012 by Community Expert Team

The Eden Prairie Art Center serves thousands of people every year with the mission of enhancing the quality of life and fostering creativity by providing access to the arts.

By providing programs – including painting, drawing, and ceramics among others – the Art Center is able to cater to a large group of people spanning all abilities and age groups.

Note: the Art Center offers classes for art enthusiasts of all ages.

In 2008, Roger Sampson donated the building that houses the Art Center.

The current location is:  7650 Equitable Drive

Those who are interested in visiting the Eden Prairie Art Center should become familiar with its operating hours. While hours are determined largely by the programs being offered at a particular time, it is open to the public based on the following schedule:

– Tuesdays from 1-8 pm

– Fridays from 1-4 pm

– Saturdays from 9 am – 3 pm

If the arts are of interest to you, it is safe to say that you can fine tune your craft with the help of the professionals and programs at the Eden Prairie Art Center.

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