Rivals Play Tip Off Classic in Eden Prairie

In Blog, Community News, Community News, news on December 17, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Rivals Play Tip Off Classic in Eden Prairie

Saturday was the Breakdown Sports USA Boys’ Tip Off Classic matchup. Eden Prairie came close to beating Champlin Park. The Eagles really needed to be prepared for this game. Even though the Champlin Park Rebels had a game the night before, they were not ready to give up easily.



Eden Prairie gave Champlin Park nine turnovers in the first half of the game, spotting them a 22-point lead. The Eagles fought back hard with a score of 39 to 45, but it just wasn’t close enough to win. The boys’ basketball teams have been gearing up to play each other all season, and they came out with a loss. Unfortunately, the most they can learn from this experience is to be more prepared.



In the end, the Rebels won 81-65. Granthan Gillard, a junior guard for the Eden Prairie team, led the night with 22 points. Only 23 of the 30 teams ranked in Breakdown Sports’ top 15 preseason qualified for this matchup, so Eden Prairie Eagles are still a great team in this state.


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